Sensirion AG, a sensor solution specialist from Switzerland, has developed its most accurate digital humidity sensor as part of its SHT3x series.

The SHT35 sensor has an accuracy of 1.5% relative humidity (RH) and includes enhanced signal processing, two user-selectable inter-integrated circuit (I2C) addresses and communication speeds of up to 1 MHz.

Sensirion digital humidity sensor cropped

The upgraded instrument is based on the corporation’s CMOSens® Technology, which integrates the sensing element and read-out electronics onto a single chip, and also includes a configurable alert function.

The Switzerland-based enterprise will present the new device at the Sensor+Test 2016 tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany.


Sensirion is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems and manufactures sensors for humidity and temperature, gas and liquid flow, differential pressures and mass flow controllers. The company, which is headquartered in Switzerland, targets the analytical instrument, consumer goods, automotive, medical and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industries.