Canadian company Vaperma, specialists in the development and manufacture of technology allowing the separation of water from various gas mixtures and vapours, has signed an agreement to introduce its Siftek dewatering and dehydration systems in the Brazilian ethanol market and lead the way in improving gas separation technologies in the region.

The agreement with Dedini S/A Industrias de Base involves the construction of the first commercial ethanol operating plant in Brazil by Q3 2008 and follows many months of collaboration between Dedini and Vaperma, to validate the technology and its benefits to the Brazilian market.

The application of Vaperma’s Siftek technology is especially beneficial to the Brazilian sugarcane-to-ethanol producer as it provides a cost effective method for alcohol production in order to increases power production from the significant steam savings.

Claude Letourneau, President and CEO of Vaperma, explained, “Vaperma’s Siftek system is being tested successfully for over in an operating corn-based ethanol plant in Canada and offers Brazilian sugarcane ethanol producers an immediate return on investment with additional bio-electricity revenues generated by the significant reduction of steam consumption.”

Jose Luiz Oliverio, Senior VP Technology of Dedini, commented, “To find new technologies to improve the efficiency of the transformation of sugarcane into ethanol is one of the great challenges for maintaining Brazilian competitiveness in the international market.”

The partnership with Vaperma confirms Dedini’s commitment to stay at the forefront of innovation in the sugar/alcohol and wider gas separation sector.