Regarded as one of India’s leading green and marine logistics companies, SEROS Logistics has partnered with Shell Energy India (SEI) to provide widespread distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG) across the country.

Aiming to develop a larger market for green fuel adoption in India, the partnership is seen as a way for the country to shift towards a more sustainable future for its energy industry.

“India is rapidly shifting towards being a gas-based economy and the need of the hour is to opt for a fuel that is not only safe and reliable but also eco-friendly,” said Ashish Agarwal, MD & CEO, SEROS Logistics.

“With this partnership, customers will receive LNG delivered with the gold standard in safety following processes and systems mandated by Shell’s HSSE requirements.”

The ten-year contract, which will see the companies providing ‘doorstep delivery’ of LNG across the country, could prove to play a major role in leading India’s transition to cleaner fuels.