Servomex and Pensalab, a leading provider of industry-leading laboratory, analytical and online applications, have consolidated their growing relationship with Petrobras at a series of successful training workshops in Brazil.

Twenty engineers and managers from Brazil’s leading integrated energy company attended the Servomex Round Table Combustion seminar, which took place at two individual sessions in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in June 2010.

Several senior managers from Servomex were present to cover all aspects of the training session including Felipe Azevedo (Regional Sales Manager, Brazil), David Fahle (VP Hydrocarbon Processing, Americas), Rudy Gonzales (Latin American Customer Support Representative), Chuck Hurley (GM, Americas) and Zarina Stanley (Market Manager), while Anderson Rovadoschi, Michael Downey and Daniel Kazakevicius from Pensalab were also in attendance.

The centrepiece of the training was a presentation on the different analytical techniques available for combustion control, with the Servomex team highlighting the individual advantages and restrictions of different analyser technologies including paramagnetic, tuneable diode laser spectroscopy (TDSL) and Zirconia techniques.

A wide range of additional topics were also covered, including maximising the benefits of ownership, practical discussions about the application of analysers to specific scenarios, as well as examining how Servomex and Pensalab can help Petrobras achieve its vision of setting the industry standards in safety, efficiency and social responsibility.

Throughout the workshop, Servomex was able to demonstrate its ability to deliver the complete solution to analysis requirements, an element emphasised by the presence of Dr Stephen Firth, Business Unit Manager for Servomex’s new Integrated Solutions division.

“The training sessions were positive and constructive, giving us the ability to position Servomex as a dedicated, credible business partner for Petrobras,” said Sean Casey, General Manager for Latin America.

“We are very fortunate to have the right partner in Pensalab, whose professionalism and commitment to the customer mirrors our own values.”

The training sessions were agreed by all to have been a success – and commemorated with the presentation of replica Brazil football shirts to the Petrobras team, underlining the training that has produced a winning solution for Petrobras.