Gas analyst specialist Servomex has been selected for two major Continuous Quality Control (CQC) contracts by Micron Tech, a US-based semiconductor company specialising in computer memory and data storage.

Servomex was awarded two CQC contracts as part of Micron’s multi-billion-dollar expansion project for new 3D NAND flash memory production in Singapore.

The project requires a bulk gas supply, on-site oxygen (UPOX) plant, and CO2 supply. To support this, Servomex was required to supply more than 50 sets of oxygen and moisture analysers.

For the CQC applications, Servomex supplied its complete solution for ultra-high-purity (UHP) gas analysis which included:

  • DF-500 series trace oxygen analysers
  • DF-700 series trace moisture analysers
  • SERVOPRO NanoChrome trace gas analysers

Luca Marinelli, Director, Vice-President of Global Sales, said, “We won these contracts through the impressive joint effort between our Japan and Singapore teams, showing a strong understanding of the customer needs and implementing the Miller Heiman strategic selling technique.”

“Our ability to offer a total gas analysis solution, together with committed service support from our regional teams, sealed the success.”

Servomex said its ability to offer a complete CQC system, together with the seamless co-operation with PMS, was a key factor in winning the project contracts.

Another strong advantage was its ability to provide expanded service support, with a commitment to keep hot spares in Singapore to cover emergency breakdowns, the company added.

Technology from fellow Spectris company, Particle Measuring Systems (PMS), supported the UHP solution.

Final delivery of the analyser systems is scheduled for late 2020.