UK-based gas analyser specialist Servomex has added another notch to its list of achievements as it celebrates 70 years of providing technological solutions to customers across a range of industries.

Having been founded in 1952, the 400-employee strong company now focuses heavily on sustainability and providing green solutions to plant operators. 

Following its commitment to reaching net zero emissions across its own operations by 2030 and across its entire value chain by 2040, the company also works with its customers to achieve their own sustainability goals. 

“We are leading the change towards lower-emission processes and cleaner industry and we can help operators to achieve their own clean air goals by focusing on combustion control, gas cleaning and emissions monitoring in a bid to reduce pollution and the damage it causes,” said Andy Cowan, President, Servomex. 

Servomex’s Clean Air campaign aims to advance its sustainability goals through a three-phase strategy focusing on combustion control, gas cleaning, and emissions monitoring.

The company’s oxygen analyser technology was recently used to help support an initiative to restore depleted oxygen levels in London’s River Thames. 

Two vessels – the Thames Bubbler and Vitality – were equipped with Servomex’s SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1800, which monitors dissolved oxygen levels allowing the vessels to prioritise oxygen supplementation in the areas that are most depleted.