Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company (ZRCC) has selected the new Servomex oxygen analyser to serve a specialist facility in China.
The Propylene Oxide / Styrene Monomer (POSM) production facility is located in Ningbo, China. Servomex’s will provide the plant with 41 SERVOTOUGH OxyExact process oxygen analysers.

The joint venture has been coordinated by both, ZRCC and the Lyondell Chemical Company, who anticipate an annual capacity of 274,000 metric tonnes of propylene oxide in addition to 602,000 metric tonnes of styrene.
Servomex General Manager for Asia Pacific, Frank Zhu, commented, “Servomex is very pleased to have been chosen by ZRCC to supply the OxyExact to such a high-profile project.”
Zhu elaborated, “POSM production is a complicated, intricate process that requires the precise monitoring and control of the oxidisation process in highly dangerous environments. ZRCC needed to select a resilient and reliable analyser that always gives accurate results in the most difficult conditions – so the OxyExact is precisely the right analyser for their needs.”