Gas analyst specialist Servomex has enhanced its software testing capabilities at its US Technical Centre in Boston with a new system designed to provide quicker test results for customers.

Nicknamed Megatron after its developer, Meg Ortega, Manufacturing Engineer at Servomex, the equipment now stands as an essential system for the R&D team. 

Designed to reproduce customer queries or issues around software on the next-generation analysers, the system contains a panel that duplicates the customer view. It also includes analogue outputs, synthesised inputs and software testing capabilities, all designed to replicate real-world situations that customers may experience.

The system’s testing capabilities further means that tests are carried out much faster than usual, allowing the Servomex team to be more responsive to customer queries.

Commenting on her development, Ortega said, “One of my first projects when joining Servomex was to build a system that would test communication between the software and the electrical components of the SERVOPRO MonoExact DF150E, the MonoExact DF310E and the MultiExact 4100.”

“Using maths and algorithms in electrical engineering, it took around six months to develop and build, and we are already seeing an improvement in response times – up to four weeks’ reduction.”

Bruce Dunbar, Head of Engineering at Servomex, added, “This system is a sizeable investment. It has made testing new software releases, and reproducing and answering customer questions, much faster and more efficient, leading to a quicker turnaround within the laboratory.”