Servomex introduces its new SERVOPRO NOx analyser for continuous monitoring of industrial stationary sources emissions, as well as ambient air monitoring.

The versatile analyser uses the time-proven Chemiluminescene Detection (CLD) method to measure nitrogen oxide (NOx) concentrations, all in one package.

Using a photodiode equipped with a peltier cooler to detect Chemiluminescene light at speeds up to 5Hz, the NOx is a perfect solution for emissions testing in engines and vehicles.

Delivering an excellent linear range from trace levels to 1000s of ppmv concentrations, the NOx allows for user selectable measurement ranges from 0-3 ppm to 0-3,000ppm, all of which can be changed and recalibrated in the field, manually or remotely.

Barbara Marshik, Servomex’s Market Segment Manager–Power, said, “The SERVOPRO NOx is a must-have solution not only for any industrial stationary source but it is also an excellent choice for any mobile source NOx emissions application. Using a high sensitivity photodiode detector instead of a standard photomultiplier type ensures a long-lasting detector that requires no maintenance. With flexible ranges, ultra-low detection limits and a high dynamic range to meet any application requirements, the analyser offers the highest level of performance for a low cost of ownership.”

The standard analyser can be equipped with the Servomex Paramagnetic O2 sensor, and in addition there is a heated CLD version available for vehicle or engine certification testing.

The SERVOPRO NOx analyser

The SERVOPRO NOx analyser

Source: Servomex