Servomex has announced the launch of the Paracube® Premus O2 Sensor Module, the world’s first high accuracy digital oxygen transducer.

The Paracube® Premus is the first Sensor Module to be developed under the new Hummingbird Sensing Technology brand, offering a dedicated range of products to meet the specific sensing needs of OEM partners.

The Premus utilises Servomex’s proven paramagnetic oxygen cell technology to offer industry-leading levels of accuracy, ease of integration, linearity and repeatability in a non-depleting, resilient and compact design.

Providing the same exceptional oxygen measurement accuracy as that employed in critical healthcare applications, the Premus delivers a full measurement range of 0-100% of O2 with excellent measurement stability enhanced by innovative digital signal processing.

The Premus is also certified as intrinsically safe and, as with all Hummingbird sensor modules, is assembled to the highest build quality at Servomex’s ‘state-of-the-art’ ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility.

The UK’s Servomex notes that the Premus is ideally suited to many applications, including Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), vehicle emissions testing and laboratory measurements.