Gas analysis export Servomex has launched three new publications to help those working in gas analysis select the right solution for their process.

One of the three publications, and Servomex’s largest publication to date, is the Gas Guide. Containing everything engineers, plant managers and specifiers need, the guide features an introduction to the Servomex product range, an A-Z overview to sensing technology and explanations of the applications and processes involved in gas analysis.

The second publication is the company’s Expert Solutions (ES) 27 that helps customers find the right analyser for their required process. The issue focuses on the key criteria for consideration before ordering a Servomex analyser, ensuring the specifications meet the needs of customer applications seamlessly. 

Criteria covered in the publication includes how gas measurement ranges, process environments and how the selected sensing technology in each analyser can affect results. The Expert Solutions (ES) 27 also includes easy-to-use flow charts to guide readers.

Servomex’s third publication is the ES 28 which looks at the company’s solutions for a wide range of key industrial applications, with an emphasis on how Servomex gas analysis products can overcome the challenges faced.

Covering Industrial Process and Emissions (IP&E) and Purity and Specialty (P&S) market sectors, the guide outlines both off-the-shelf products and customised designs, from single analysers to turnkey application solutions.

“Our experts are extremely experienced in gas analysis solutions and have pooled their applications knowledge and technology experience into these three must-have guides,” said Colin Jones, Global Marketing Director for Servomex.

“Servomex provides many products and systems for a wide range of applications, but these guides will help narrow down the choices to ensure you make the right decision for your process.”