Following the huge success of the SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Oxy launched in January 2015, Servomex, the world leader in gas analysis, has launched the SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Ammonia.

The device is the world’s smallest cross-stack Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analyser and only TDL analyser specifically optimised for NH3 measurement.

Optimised for the fast, accurate and responsive measurement of ammonia in hot or hazardous conditions exactly where it is needed, the SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Ammonia is particularly suitable for ammonia slippage applications on coal-fired power plants.

Dr. Stephen Firth, Photometric Product Manager at Servomex, said, “Based around Servomex’s revolutionary new MiniLaser platform and developed at our UK Technical Center, the MiniLaser Ammonia is a remarkable ninety per cent smaller and 80% lighter than many other comparable TDL analysers.”

“As a consequence, the MiniLaser’s revolutionary compact size and dramatically reduced footprint offers unparalleled installation flexibility and a host of cost and performance benefits.”

Instead of the time-intensive installation associated with traditional, bulky TDL analysers, the MiniLaser can be installed quickly by just one person. Simple installation is supported by a new built-in display, which negates the need for using a laptop for configuration and diagnostics, while improved advanced optical performance achieves a wider acceptance angle.

To ensure precision alignment from the outset, Servomex has also included a new mounting assembly for multi-direction adjustment. When combined with the new, quick-release mechanism, fast and accurate reinstallation - without the need for re-alignment - is achieved every time. The MiniLaser Ammonia also includes Servomex’s new purge design, which reduces nitrogen (N2) and air purge costs by up to an impressive 90% per annum; a significant return on investment when calculating lifetime operational costs.

The MiniLaser Ammonia joins the SERVOTOUGH Laser range of TDL analysers, providing the same industry-leading performance delivered by Servomex’s in-situ cross stack and extractive monitors.

Servomex Group President, Chuck Hurley said, “The SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Ammonia is a groundbreaking development in TDL technology and the direct result of Servomex’s continued investment in R&D to meet the ongoing requirements of our customers.”

“It is a challenge to traditional thinking across the whole industry, both in terms of design and application. The MiniLaser is the next big thing in gas analysis.”