Servomex is celebrating a decade of success for its aptly named SERVOFLEX portable gas analysers.

When Servomex launched the range 10 years ago, it took the step of transferring the precision sensing technology associated with its renowned fixed analysers into a compact, easy-to-use package.

A decade on, Servomex has sold thousands of SERVOFLEX portables, delivering industries and organisations across the world with stable and reliable measurements for oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide – all achieved via its non-depleting Paramagnetic and infrared sensors.

Chuck Hurley, President at Servomex, reflected, “Great innovations are only truly great if they fulfil an existing need or solve a problem. What satisfies me with our portables isn’t recognising an anniversary, it’s proving that we’ve got a product right.”

“We knew a successful portable analyser could only be developed if we combined technical innovation with our application expertise: that understanding the scope of applications for such a device would be critical to its development. This insight informed all our development decisions, including the critical decision to design four different products, each optimised to different measurements and certifications.”

Servomex’s portable range includes the Micro i.s. 5100 Intrinsically Safe (i.s.) analyser, designed for use in hazard rated locations including Zone 0/Division 1, the MiniHD 5200 rugged and durable analyser, the MiniMP 5200 high performance oxygen analyser monitoring in the only fully portable format currently available for CEMS testing and verification, and the MiniFoodPack 5200 (with foodpack kit) used for quality control checking of common gas mixtures used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).