The UK’s Servomex has released its latest analyser product, the Kontrol Analytik k2001, and claims that its ‘exceptional precision, proven reliability and impressive connectivity makes the on-line analyser the best choice for the measurement of trace nitrogen in argon or helium’.

Designed for a continuous, reliable measurement of nitrogen in argon, helium or both, the k2001 offers ‘unique’ stability over time that assures repeatability for those users in need of precise nitrogen quantification.

An exclusive auto-calibration feature eliminates the need for the user to toggle calibration gases, enabling the k2001 to avoid unnecessary downtime and gas contamination.

Easy to operate and equipped with self-diagnostic system software, the k2001 offers users full Ethernet connectivity options to include remote control of the analyser via a local network or internet access. The flexibility of the product opens up its use for a number of industries and applications, among a number of key features that can all be viewed at the soon-to-be re-launched Servomex website.

The Kontrol Analytik range was acquired by Servomex in 2007, with its analyser products becoming an integral element of Servomex’s comprehensive gas analyser range.

Meanwhile, Servomex has also revealed that it is so enthusiastic about showcasing its gas analysis products, that it has taken to the road with a new demonstration vehicle.

The Servomex demovan is a mobile showcase for the company’s gas analysis solutions, allowing visitors to enjoy a hands-on opportunity to experience and interact with a range of instruments ‘in-situ’, accompanied and demonstrated by Servomex’s team of experts.

A range of Servomex products suitable for a wide range of industries and applications are on display within the demonstration vehicle, including the 2700 combustion gas analyser, 2200 process oxygen analyser, 4900 multi-component analyser and a selection of portable gas analysers.