Precision measurement technology manufacturer Servomex has announced its latest product, the Laser 3 Plus Environmental (Laser 3 Plus) – a Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) analyser used to continuously measure ammonia (NH3) emissions.

In some US states NH3 – despite not being regulated as a hazardous air pollutant under the US’s Clean Air Act – is regarded as a precursor pollutant for the creation of particulate matter of 2.5 microns (PM2.5) with emission levels of over 5 ppm capable of causing eye and respiratory irritations. 

The device could prove to be key in helping plant operators meet with recommendations established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), specifically those laid out in Performance Specification 18 (PS18), which is set to become the basis of future regulation. 

Equipped with auto-validation software, the Laser 3 Plus also complies with Procedure 6 (40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 60, Appendix F), which states that all continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) equipment must be able to perform daily quality tests. 

Source: Servomex

The device’s non-contact and low-maintenance TDL sensing techniques reduces associated downtime that occurs during the quality test. 

“This will allow our customers to meet or even exceed the performance requirements of EPA PS18 for cross stack continuous emissions monitoring, avoiding needless downtime or inaccurate NH3 concentration that can lead to costly fines,” said Rhys Jenkins, Spectroscopic Product Manager, Servomex. 

The device’s design allows it to operate in process temperatures up to 600C with a low detection limit and negligible zero drift.

Typical applications for the analyser is the optimisation ofNH3 in ammonia slip and emissions solutions is in process heaters and furnaces and coal-fired thermal power.