The Servomex Group, a world leader in gas analysis technology, has chosen the QNX® Neutrino® Realtime operating system (OS) to power its next generation of gas analysers.

Criteria to be selected included having a high-performance OS which has the flexibility to support an array of market-specific applications and the reliability to be deployed in safety-critical environments.

The QNX Neutrino Realtime OS was chosen for its robustness and reliability, as they are generally deployed in hot, hazardous conditions where they operate continuously without field maintenance or human intervention.

Dr. Stephen Firth, Business Development Manager of Global EPC Sales at Servomex, highlighted, “QNX Neutrino not only provided the scalability we were looking for, but allowed us to create a modular, future-ready software architecture that can quickly support new product features or address new market opportunities.”

He went on to explain, “We build gas analysers for tough, safety-critical environments that demand high levels of accuracy and system availability. To satisfy these demands, our products need an OS designed from the ground up for dependability — another reason why QNX Neutrino, with its fault-resilient microkernel design, has proven to be an ideal choice for our next-generation products.”

The inherent scalability and reliability of our OS architecture brings unique value to the gas analysis industry

John Wall, Senior Vice-President and Head of QNX Software Systems, confirmed, “For more than three decades, QNX Software Systems has helped developers build a massive range of industrial monitoring and control solutions — everything from power generation systems to autonomous warehouse robots. The inherent scalability and reliability of our OS architecture brings unique value to the gas analysis industry, and we are honored that Servomex is standardising on QNX technology for their new product lines.”

For 60 years, Servomex’s analysers have helped to control emissions and ensure operational safety in oil and gas refining, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical production and iron and steel production.