Servomex’s proven combination of competitive gas analysers and comprehensive customer support has secured a new South American contract, to supply an analyser system to a PTA plant being built by PetroquímicaSuape in Ipojuca, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Contracted through Aker Solutions, Servomex will supply six SERVOTOUGH OxyExact (2200) oxygen analysers, six SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact (2500) process analysers, sampling systems and three TOC analysers to the new PTA plant.

Servomex will also oversee the design and build of two bespoke analyser houses, which will include full HVAC systems to ensure a stable operating environment as well as all the internal plumbing and cabling required to monitor the gas streams and report data.

PetroquímicaSuape is believed to have chosen Servomex on the basis of a proven track record in delivering successful and reliable gas monitoring solutions for purified terephthalic acid (PTA) plants.

“Servomex is delighted to be chosen to supply a total gas analysis solution to PetroquímicaSuape,” said Chris Cottrell, Managing Director of Servomex.

“Not only are we pleased that our excellent track record in PTA plants is recognised and valued, but also that we can demonstrate the same exacting high levels of service and support in our South American operations that we apply elsewhere.”

Designed to measure corrosive, toxic and flammable sample streams, the SpectraExact series of photometric process analysers offers single or dual component gas analysis to suit almost any process, combustion or emissions gas analysis application, while the OxyExact utilises Servomex’s high specification paramagnetic oxygen analyser for optimum process and safety control in general and high temperature applications.

Combined, the SpectraExact and OxyExact will provide a total, accurate and reliable solution for the monitoring of PTA processes for PetroquímicaSuape.

Meanwhile, PetroquimicaSuape (the Petrochemical Company of Pernambuco) has begun the process of purchasing the equipment for the PTA plant, to be built in the Port Industrial Complex of Suape in Ipojuca.