Servomex, a worldwide gas analysis technology innovator, has announced the launch of its upgraded SERVOTOUGH OxyDetect life safety oxygen (O2) monitor.

The updated device builds on the original analyser and still offers a high and accurate O2 measurement, but it now has updated communication relay options. It uses advanced microprocessor diagnostics that are easily accessible via a front panel digital interface, and can be used for indoor environments ranging from 5°C-45°C.

OxyDetect utilises Servomex’s Hummingbird Paracube Micro Paramagnetic sensor, which never depletes and remains continuously accurate, avoiding false readings and false alarms. It is already used as a trusted instrument in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) medical market.

Servomex also claims that Oxydetect’s Paramagnetic measurement stability boasts a lower cost of lifetime ownership, as it eliminates the need to regularly replace electrochemical cells and avoids typical problems associated with degradation.

Servomex oxy detect image o2 analyser

The device is now available in two forms: The General Purpose version, which is suitable for safe area environments such as laboratories, pharmaceutical and industrial gas production, and the Hazardous Area version, which is suitable for hydrocarbon processing environments. 

Rhys Jenkins, Market Sector Manager at the company, explained, “The OxyDetect is the life safety product that the market has been waiting for: reliable, stable O2 sensing that keeps on working.”

“Paramagnetic oxygen sensing finally brings a measurement performance that facilities and operations managers can truly trust, making the safety of people and plant safer, easier and more cost-effective than ever before.”