Servomex has announced that a new combustibles sensor upgrade kit for the SERVOTOUGH Fluegas (2700) combustion gas analyser is set to enhance performance in high sulphur applications.

According to the company, its capability is already proven at the Drax power station in the UK.

The new Sulphur Resistant combustibles sensor upgrade enables a Tfx sensor operating at standard temperature to operate at an elevated temperature, improving performance in high sulphur applications – where excess levels of SO2 can inhibit traditional catalytic sensor function.

In addition to improved performance, the sensor upgrade will increase longevity and reduce service downtime where SO2 levels generally exceed 1000 ppm. On applications where the existing combustibles sensor has less than 13 months operational life left, the upgrade is anticipated to extend sensor life.

The ability for the combustibles sensor to operate at higher temperatures makes it ideal for a number of applications where coal or heavy oil is the fuel, making it ideal for use in industries such as power generation – validated by the highly successful sensor upgrade at Drax power station in Selby, UK, which uses SERVOTOUGH Fluegas analysers to help maintain its high ranking in the UK’s league of efficient coal burning power stations.

Servomex notes that the Fluegas’s High Sensitivity sensor specification remains appropriate for applications where high levels of sulphur are not present, including applications such as natural gas and light oils.

The upgrade kit is currently available for general purpose versions of the sensor head, with a kit for Div 2 and Zone 2 analysers to follow during 2011.