Following a welcome adjournment for lunch courtesy of kind sponsors Union Engineering, delegates reconvened at the Louvre conference room for a full afternoon focused upon the needs of specific industrial gas-reliant sectors.

Chaired by session one speaker, Jaime Castaneda Heavey, Managing Director of INDURA – a leading company in gases and welding for industrial medicinal use in Chile – the final day one session looked set to explore the specific needs of various sectors, from oil to welding.

First speaker, and significant sponsor for this year’s event, INOX CVA was represented by popular personality, Savir Julka, Vice President of Marketing for the firm. Julka provided a succinct introduction to oil and gas with particular attention to the reservoir formation process. By contextualising this he then went on to elaborate about the valuable role that industrial gases - such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide - can play in the up-stream process.

Following on from Julka’s insight into the applicability of industrial gases, Linde’s Fabiano Madeira took to the floor in lieu of Luis de Carvalho. Madeira’s delivery concentrated upon the emerging reality that is remote operation. His discussion revealed the advantages of this new technology and also served to dispel many of the associated myths. In addition he also displayed example graphic remote reports as they would be seen on a typical monitor screen.

Madeira’s advocation of the technology was compelling. He advised, “Remote operation also centralises the management of power – you know how much power is being consumed each second.” Nevertheless he reassured delegates that this wasn’t a tool to reduce the labour costs, Madeira added, “This operational centre is not a way of de-manning the factories, it supports the labour force of a plant so that they can be assisted and improved.”

Concluding the first day of presentations, David Owens Vice President of South America at Lincoln Electric, delivered a first for gasworld conferences bringing an end-user perspective to proceedings. Nevertheless, despite his non-gas status, the presentation could not have been more pertinent. Indeed, Owens himself was transparent in his aims, “I want to talk about what we together can do to sell more and at the same time, help our end-user customers.”

The relevancy of industrial gases to welding was clearly conveyed, with Owens reminding delegates that 80% of welding consumables in developed economies use industrial gases – conveying a massive state of dependence. But more interesting still, given this conference’s bias, was the discrepancy between this figure and that of emerging regions, and in particular South America. According to Owens only 5% of welding consumables in South America currently incorporate industrial gases and as he stated, “This my friends, supplies us with significant opportunity!”

On that optimistic note, day one proceedings came to an apt close with master of ceremonies, gasworld Marketing Manager, extending a warm invite to the other first of the day - an exclusibely gasworld sponsored Gala Dinner at The Windsor Barra’s El Pardo.

More to come - stay tuned for further gasworld conference updates!