Speciality gas equipment supplier SGD has released its new improved 0505-70000 series of spargers.

By using the latest machining techniques, SGD has improved the dispersion disc to provide more even dispersion of the gas into the fluid stream for the full diameter of the line.

The new sparger is machined of 316SS and housed in a 316SS sanitary tee with either ACME threads or quick-clamp connections.

Spargers are used to inject an inert gas into a wide variety of foodstuffs during processing. The sparging technique preserves product quality by flushing out oxygen.

The sparging process also fluffs and carbonates the product by super saturating it with tiny gas bubbles. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, or argon are usually the gases of choice for this process.

Units are available in four sizes, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3”.

Sparger (3)

Source: SGD