The new explosion-proof SharpEye 40/40 Optical Flame Detector series from Spectrex Inc has been tested by FM Approvals and received the official approval for use in hazardous (classified) locations in the US and Canada

As a result, Spectrex notes that the entire line of optical flame detectors will be listed in the Factory Mutual Approval Guide on its Online Publication of FM Approvals.

The new SharpEye 40/40 series flame detectors provide the most comprehensive protection against hydrocarbon–based and water vapours combustion product types of fuel and gas fires, with several models that feature enhanced sensitivity to ethanol and other alcohol derivates.

The 40/40 Series includes the full range of IR, UV, UV/IR, IR3 and Multi-spectral flame detectors that provide superior performance with high reliability and immunity to false activation. The specific model 40/40M detects hydrogen flames, as well as hydrocarbon flames using the same detector.

With sealed electronics to protect the integrity of the unit when opened for installation or maintenance, a heated window to prevent condensation in the humid environments, and HART capabilities for digital communications, the 40/40 series provide fast and reliable fire detection.