BP Plc recently announced a three year delay on the $2bn hydrogen power plant set for completion in Abu Dhabi.
Despite being described as ‘engineered and ready to go’ by Dominic Emery, Chief of Staff at BP Alternative Energy, at the World Future Energy Summit, the project is to be held back pending an official decision. The news broke mid-January during the Abu Dhabi based World Future Energy Summit. According to reports, plans to proceed with the BP Plc and Abu Dhabi’s Masdar unit have been halted while the sheikdom decides whether to use carbon dioxide produced by the plant to aid oil output.
Emery stated that Abu Dhabi needs to be convinced of the value of the resultant carbon dioxide before proceeding with construction. With this in mind, the facility is not scheduled to be running until, at the very earliest 2016 or 2017. Just a year ago, BP’s Alternative Energy CEO, Katrina Landis, stated that electricity production would commence in 2013.
The Hydrogen Project Abu Dhabi was first announced in 2008, it was heralded to generate 400 megawatts and 1.7m tons of carbon dioxide each year.