Air Products was selected by Equilon Enterprises, LLC, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Products U.S., to upgrade Shell’s hydrogen (H2) refuelling station in Torrance, California, to a state-of-the-art 200-kilogram-per-day retail station.

The project requires installation of new H2 compression, purification, cooling and dispenser technology.

The improved station will have the fuelling capacity of 200 kilograms of H2 per 12-hour day, converting the station from non-retail to retail status.

The newly designed dispensers will allow retail fuellings, which means the accuracy of the quantity of fuel delivered will be in compliance with the latest California Division of Measurement and Standards, and the consumer will be able to pay for the H2 at the station.

Additionally, the station will be designed to provide 350-bar (5,000 psi) and 700-bar (10,000 psi) vehicle fuellings, allow two cars to be fuelled simultaneously, and enable three back-to-back vehicle fills per dispenser.

Nick Mittica, commercial business manager, Hydrogen Energy Systems, at Air Products, commented, “The need to upgrade this station is a reflection that the use of H2 as a clean and sustainable transportation fuel is here today and really taking hold.”

Oliver Bishop, General Manager, Hydrogen, at Shell, said, “The Torrance pipeline station has been the backbone of H2 refueling in southern California for a long time, so it is encouraging to see the station upgraded.”

The fueling station is supplied by Air Products’ H2 pipeline, located less than 50 feet from the station and connected to Air Products’ H2 production facilities in California.

Shell’s H2 fueling station in Torrance, which first opened in May 2011, was the world’s first pipeline-supplied H2 station and was designed to supply H2 for several automobile manufacturers’ fuel cell vehicles in the region.