Air Liquide have announced that their subsidiary unit Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Ltd (SOXAL) has signed a new contract to supply oxygen and nitrogen to Shell.
The oil giant's new cracker and mono-ethylene glycol plant in Singapore is the client. In order to meet Shell's new gas requirements, SOXAL will invest in a new 1,200 tonnes per day air separation unit (ASU) to be integrated with its existing five ASUs and pipeline network in Jurong Island. This new unit is expected to be on stream by Q3 2009.
A separate on-site nitrogen generator will also be installed next to Shell's refinery in Pulau Bukom to meet nitrogen requirements for the cracker.
Jean-Pierre Duprieu, senior vice-president Asia-Pacific and member of the Executive Committee of Air Liquide, said, $quot;This new project will enable SOXAL to further strengthen the capability and reliability of its pipeline network in Jurong Island, and will reinforce the global business partnership that Air Liquide has successfully forged with Shell across the globe. It also illustrates our new capacity to pursue our development in South-East Asia in a quicker and more integrated way.$quot;