Linde plays an invaluable role in Shell’s journey towards a ‘hydrogen society’.

Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, has just opened its first demonstration hydrogen station in Germany. Located on the premises of Shell’s Sachsendamm service station in Berlin, the installation is equipped with innovative refuelling technology from Linde. The hydrogen dispensed comes from a linde pilot plant in Leuna which uses crude glycerol as feedstock.

Olaf Reckenhofer, responsible for Linde’s gases business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland remarked, “The highly efficient cryo-pump system developed by Linde makes this installation the top performing hydrogen refueling station in the world. Together with the certified green hydrogen supplied by us, this is a trail-blazing fuelling concept that will bring us forward on the road to sustainable transportation.$quot;

The demonstration facility constitutes part of Shell’s research and development programme for hydrogen technology and was created within the parameters of the Clean Energy Partnership. The partnership was designed to evaluate technology and learn lessons about costs, consumer behaviour, safe hydrogen as well as its dispensing.

Peter Blauwhoff, Country Chair of Deutsche Shell Holding made the following announcement at the official opening of the Berlin plant. He said, “We’re proud to play an active role in the research and development of hydrogen technologies in the transit sector. Hydrogen-fuelled transportation can make a long-term contribution towards lowering road transport emissions.$quot;

The demonstration station in Berlin has the capacity to fill about 250 hydrogen-fuelled vehicles per day. The service station will largely be used for demonstration and research purposes, and for the time being, an average of approximately 20 vehicle fills per day.