Major player in the energy industry Shell is to incorporate catalyst expert BASF’s Sorbead Adsorption Technology into its carbon reduction plan following a collaborative partnership.

The collaboration involved working together to study the use of the Sorbead technology for pre- and post-combustion carbon capture and storage (CCS) activities.

With its aluminosilicate gel composition and high capacity for water, the Sorbead technology is ideal for dehydrating carbon dioxide following capture, in this case by Shell’s carbon capture technologies: ADIP Ultra or CANSOLV.



Source: BASF

The acid-resistant Sorbead also regenerates at lower temperatures compared to alternatives such as activated alumina or molecular sieves.

Commenting on the collaboration, Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President, Process Catalysts, BASF, said, “BASF is proud to support Shell in their effort to reach net-zero emissions and work toward improving environmental conditions around the world.”

Seen as an essential part of the success of CCS, the cost effective and efficient removal of water from CO2 by the use of BASF’s technology is seen as providing an ‘effective solution’ by Shell.