Sherwood, a division of Harsco GasServ, has announced another round of price increases effective 10 July for all product lines.

James M. Demitrieus, President-Sherwood Operations, stated that, "Costs for all of the raw material components of brass, the principal metal in our LP, Compressed Gas and ACR valves, fittings and gauges, continue to escalate on a global scale. Copper, zinc, lead and the scrap materials required to produce free cutting brass are experiencing upward price pressure as a result of extraordinary worldwide demand. Consequently, raw material price increases are a weekly occurrence in today\\$quot;s commodity markets." Mr. Demitrieus further noted that, "In addition to raw material cost increases, the energy and fuel costs which impact our transportation of component parts and operational processes continue to escalate. Global shortages of metals in general will continue to influence upward price pressure in the near term for a diverse range of products in the Compressed Gas, LP Gas and ACR Industries."

Price increases will take effect on 10 July 2006 based on the impact of material, energy and fuel components of specific products. All in-house orders shipped on-or-after 10 July will also be subject to the increases.

Clarification inquiries and questions may be directed to Customer Service at 888-508-2583.