Sherwood, a Harsco GasServ company, announces price increases effective January 1, 2006 for all product lines.

Sherwood has elected to publish this advance notice of the January 1st price increases to provide customers with an opportunity to place orders for existing requirements at pre-increase levels and compensate for potential extended lead times.

Orders for products at existing prices will be limited to material on-hand and available production capacity through 31 December 2005.

The new prices will apply to all orders scheduled for shipment on or after 1 January 2006. Customers currently under contract agreements with Sherwood will be contacted and advised of the effects of the January 1st price levels on 2006 contracts.

Scott W. Boyd, vice president sales and marketing-CG products, commented: “The entire catalog of Sherwood compressed gas and LP products will be affected by the new price levels. We will be adjusting our base prices and implementing surcharges as applicable, for high pressure cylinder valves, medical valves, acetylene valves, specialty gas valves, LP valves, LP regulators and LP float gauges.

“We are now certain that our price structures for 2006 will be elevated compared to current 2005 levels. The only uncertainty is the magnitude of the increases.”