Meanwhile Sherwood Valve LLC, a Division of Taylor-Wharton International, has also recently confirmed the consolidation of all manufacturing and assembly operations into the company’s Washington, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio facilities.

Current production processes at the Niagara Falls, NY factory will be relocated to Washington and Cleveland.

Roger Carlson, President of Sherwood Valve LLC, commented, “The consolidation of production from three to two facilities will yield significant manufacturing efficiencies, contribute to streamlined administration practices and generate opportunities to leverage raw materials, inventories, labour skills and similar processes among Sherwood’s multiple product lines.”

Product lines currently assembled and tested at Sherwood’s Niagara Falls factory include industrial valves, medical valves, SCUBA products, life support valves and propane valves and fittings.

Sherwood Valve LLC produces valves and fittings for all segments of the compressed gas industry including industrial, chlorine, medical, welding, specialty, semiconductor, life support, LPG and refrigeration.