Sherwood Valve LLC, a Division of Taylor-Wharton International, has just announced the launch of the company’s new product line of Post Medical Valves.

The new ‘KVAB’ models have fewer parts, less weight and are MR Conditional at three Tesla or less.

As inventories of existing valves are exhausted, Sherwood declared that it will automatically begin supplying the new, enhanced product version.

Each purchaser will be notified as production transitions to the new models.

Dino Sciullo, Sherwood’s Director of Sales and Product Development, noted that, “The new valve design is environmentally friendly and features a ‘low profile’ silhouette,” adding, “the enhanced KVAB valves have been extensively tested and have qualified to meet or exceed all industry standards.”

Sciullo also explained the customer feedback and hard work that went into the development of the valve, “We solicited feedback from medical users, cylinder fillers and distributors during the field-test phase of development. We certainly appreciate the efforts and input from our customers and the end users who participated in the months of field trials.”

“The practical and technical feedback received throughout the beta testing contributed significantly to the final design and enhanced attributes of the finalised product. Modifications to the original design have resulted in a product that functions transparently and efficiently with the Medi-Mate fill adaptor and the Universal socket as well as generic fill adaptors.”

Sherwood has designated the new product series as KVAB models and encourages customers to refer to the KVAB designation when ordering the new valve.

As a division of Taylor-Wharton International, Sherwood Valve LLC produces valves and fittings for all segments of the compressed gas industry including industrial, chlorine, medical, welding, specialty, semiconductor, life support, LPG and refrigeration.