Washington, PA-based Sherwood Valve has announced that Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. is its newest master distributor for Sherwood products and solutions serving the packaged gas, medical, energy and high purity gas markets.

“Ratermann shares Sherwood’s vision of not just providing products to our customers but innovative gas and fluid control solutions that fit their needs,” said Dino Sciullo, Sherwood’s director, Sales & Marketing. “With Ratermann’s experience and depth of knowledge, we are confident that they will represent Sherwood exceptionally well in the markets we serve and allow us to provide faster delivery and better service to our customers.”

“Sherwood valves are available to ship from our strategically located distribution centers,” said Ratermann in a statement. “Our sales representatives are available to meet with customers to review applications and make recommendations for matching the correct valve for the application. All Ratermann sales representatives are knowledgeable professionals with extensive background and understanding of the compressed gas industry.”

Sherwood valves are made in the US. The company, which is part of Taylor-Wharton International, currently has over 25 distributors serving customers both at home and internationally.

Ratermann is a developer and distributor of numerous products for the compressed gas and cryogenic industry. Its products are specifically suited for the industrial gas, specialty gas, cryogenic, medical gas, beverage, acetylene and propane industries. Ratermann has offices and distribution facilities in both Livermore, CA and Nashville, TN, for rapid product distribution throughout North America.


Sherwood valve

Ratermann Inc is Sherwood Valve’s newest distributor