SHI Cryogenic Group has introduced its brand-new F-20L Compressor to its line of Freedom helium compressors.

The smallest model in the series, the F-20L Compressor boasts a single-phase electric supply and has a typical power consumption of 2.25-2.4kW at 50Hz and 2.6kW at 60Hz.



Source: SHI Cryogenic Group

Unveiling the product on Wednesday (Feb 16th), SHI Cryogenic said the F-20L Compressor is available as a standalone product or part of a complete cryogenic system.

The F-20L is compatible with several of SHI’s smaller Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers and Marathon® CP Cryopumps.

F-20L Compressor incorporates all connections on the front panel for easy access, boasts an 30,000-hour maintenance interval and is competitively priced.

For customers with existing SHI HC-4E Compressors, the F-20L is designed with reverse compatibility.