THE financial results of Japan\\$quot;s Showa Denko, which closed in December 2005, showed strength in the petrochemicals and electronics sector, which form the main business of the company.

Sales were up by 9,6 per cent, operational profit up by 9,8 per cent, ordinary profit up by 20,7 per cent and net profit also up by 106 per cent compared with the previous year, marking an increase both in sales and profit.

Sales in chemical sector were down by 7,7 per cent, amounting to ¥74 billion.

Of these, sales of gas and chemical products including industrial gases also decreased by 1,6 per cent and came to ¥40 billion.

Demand for speciality gas used in the semiconductor sector and ammonia moved along well, achieving an increase in sales. Profit was reduced due to the transfer of industrial gas products business to TG Showa.