Quality product content for company websites was the focus for Matt Christensen, President of Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) on gasworld’s latest showcase webinar, when he told industrial gases and welding distributors “how to win online in 2022.”

One of the leading product content companies for the gas and welding industry, Utah-based DDS helps its customers by providing technology solutions to the challenges of e-commerce product content and data management - and to date, has worked with more than 500 manufacturers, representing more than 1,300 brands.

Detailing each sector of an online product selling platform, and what they should each consist of, Christensen said, “First is product master data. This is the stock keeping unit (SKU) information, weights, dimensions, maybe some packaging info on top of that. This is the bare minimum data that you need to sell a product.”

“When we start talking about E-commerce and quality rich product content, we add on rich data, and this is marketing description. This can be the full multi sentence paragraph style long description that can describe a product in some of the specs and features - and really what differentiates the product from maybe another set of products or competitors’ products.” 

“Next is features. When you look at features on a website, for instance, it’s usually towards the top. It’s the bulleted information. Typically, there’s five-ten bullets on good products. This can include benefits, why this product versus another one and can also include application information.”

Continuing through how to successfully list a product, Christensen then went on to explain the multi-media side of things, or the product digital assets. These are images and specifically multiple images for a product looking at products in action in use.

Videos, drawings, images and 360° spins all come into the category. “93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision, Christensen enthused. “That’s just there’s just kind of a no brainer, and so really the more content you have for your products from your vendors, the better chance you have and your customers purchasing your product.”

“Further to that, 33% prefer to see multiple images. I’m surprised this number isn’t 100%, but people want to see multiple images to make sure that they’re looking at the right thing, buying the right thing, researching the right item descriptions.”

Sharing further stats about a customers’ experience on an e-commerce site, Christensen continued, “67% of contractors, and this number is actually going up all the time, 67% of contractors want self-serve options. So again, it’s letting them buy the way they want to buy, but they can’t buy anything if you don’t have all of the information that a manufacturer provides for the products.”

“And then, this is an interesting fact that I came across, 30% of online sales are returned and this wasn’t industry specific. This was across all online sales, including retail. But I just found that shockingly high, especially today, and that’s the number of online sales returned, and 40% of those returns are due to poor content.”

The entire Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) webinar is available on demand now at https://gasworld.tv/webinars/ - make sure to catch-up if you missed it!