SIAD and SIAD Bulgaria recently took part in the ILLA / LTL 2009 International Conference and Symposium, an event dedicated to laser technologies.

On October 18th – 22nd , SIAD and SIAD Bulgaria attended the 10th International Conference, ‘Laser and Laser-Information Technologies: Fundamental Problems and Applications’, which was held in Smolyan, Bulgaria.

The event was organised by many relevant and international institutions, among them the Russian and Bulgarian Academies of Sciences and the Institute on Laser and Information Technologies RAS.

Topics discussed included industrial laser technologies, advanced laser technologies for material processing, novel laser systems and applications, and high-power lasers and applications.

SIAD and SIAD Bulgaria presented the paper ‘Importance of gases in laser cutting’.

A total of 100 participants from more than 20 countries attended the conference.

SIAD said the good attendance was particularly significant for the group, as it helped it fulfill its aim, which was to establish and develop international contacts and future collaborations with scientists and engineers working in the field of laser and laser applications.