SIAD is working to boost oxygen storage in hospitals across Italy in response to the coronavirus.

In order to help those in during the pandemic, the company has tripled the number of installations carried out per week, with requests from Lombardy, Campania, Valle d’Aosta and Veneto.

With SIAD’s efforts Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo, which normally uses 100 cubic meters of oxygen an hour, has now reached peaks of over 700 cubic meters an hour.

“Since 7th March, health care facilities and rest homes have faced an exponential growth in the use of oxygen,” said Alberto Ferrari, Manager of the SIAD Group Technical Department.

“In some cases, the delivery of oxygen has increased tenfold. Existing systems are proving insufficient to cover requirements so need to be urgently boosted by installing new cryogenic containers alongside current supply sources, which consist of bundles, or similar cryogenic systems, the range and capacity which is inadequate.”

In order to fulfil all requests received from across Italy, SIAD has set up a working group of six experts from its Technical Department, along with a number of engineers from the Area Technical Support sector.

“In just over a week, we built over twenty-five systems, each one designed specifically for the relevant customer.”

“For each unit, we define the need, identify the suitable container, check availability in our Osio Sopra stock, and carry out an inspection to establish the best place to install it, respecting safety distances.”

“These are bulky tankers, four meters high and two in diameter, alongside which the evaporator is placed. Finally, we have to determine how to best connect them to the distribution network, without interrupting the supply of oxygen.”