A new carbon dioxide (CO2) and biomethane plant brought on-stream in Italy by SIAD S.p.A has claimed a couple of ‘firsts’ in the European country.

It is the first ‘carbon negative’ plant in Italy, meaning it does not release any emissions into the atmosphere, and it is also the country’s first industrial plant that is capable of producing CO2 and biomethane exclusively from the treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW).

The technologically-advanced plant breaks biogas down into its two main components; CO2 (about 40%) and methane (about 60%). It is understood that the CO2 produced will be used for industrial purposes whilst the methane will be put into Italy’s national network.

The CO2 is controlled by sophisticated analysis systems that detect abnormal concentrations of micro pollutants during the production cycle to obtain optimum purity.

The biogas upgrading plant, which was commissioned at the end of last month, was created by SIAD’s subsidiary Tecno Project Industriale (TPI). It was delivered to post-consumer plastic recycler Montello S.p.A.

A statement said that this site is “undoubtedly another important step for the good of the environment.”