Industrial gas corporation SIAD has completed the construction of three new gas pipelines located in Osio, Italy.

The new pipelines will supply oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) from SIAD’s plant in Osio to chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities in Albano Sant’Alessandro, San Paolo d’Argon and Fornovo San Giovanni.

SIAD has invested €5.5m ($6.2m) into these projects, with the pipelines lowering the company’s electricity consumption. Furthermore, the new pipelines will decrease SIAD’s carbon footprint as approximately 900 tanker trips per year will be eradicated.

The N2 pipeline to Fornovo San Giovanni stretches 30km and serves Bidachem’s active pharmaceuticals plant. The construction process cost €3m ($3.4m) and took two years to complete due to the vast amount of public and private agencies involved. The other two pipelines, transporting N2 to Albano Sant’Alessandro and O2 to San Paolo d’Argon, are 4km and 3km in length, respectively.

According to gasworld Business Intelligence estimates, the Italian industrial gas market recorded revenues of €2.1bn in 2015. The commercial gas market in Italy has struggled over the past five years, declining at a rate of -0.3%. However, the current forecasts predict modest growth in the next five years, with a rate somewhere between 0.6% and 1.5%.

The Italian industrial gas market is one of the larger European markets, accounting for approximately 12% of all industrial gas revenues across the continent. Air Liquide is currently the market leader in Italy, with the rest of the market being dominated by fellow Tier One companies.

SIAD commanded a 13% share of revenues in 2015, making it the third-largest industrial gas company in Italy. A large portion of the company’s revenues were generated through merchant sales via packaged or bulk liquid delivery methods.

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