The training and platinum consultancy division, part of the SIAD total gas management system, comprises of ad hoc courses devised for clients based on their theoretical and operational requirements and the professional level of the participants.

The relationship between Polimeri Europa and SIAD, was consolidated in 2004 thanks to the service of Platinum Total gas, through which SIAD's role moved beyond being a partner for the complete management of gases to become, also, an active consultancy centre through the organisation of custom-designed training courses.

The course entitled 'special gases and metrology gas mixtures' was devised specifically for employees and recently ran at he Polimeri Europa plant in Ravenna, Italy.

The training activities conducted at the plant followed a format which characterises all SIAD courses: The first part illustrated highlights with regard to the history of and the market sectors in which the SIAD Group is involved: while the second part focused on providing an in depth knowledge of the characteristics, classification of gases and gas mixtures, technical assistance services available and of the decompression and distribution systems. Participants were given an overview of important topics such as safety, the handling of gases and the materials used.