Italy-based SIAD has inaugurated a new pipeline to connect its industrial gas plant in Osio Sopra with nearby metal foundry Fonderia di Torbole.

The 2.6km pipeline will provide the foundry directly with the necessary oxygen (O2) for its production processes.

The foundry, which is an historic SIAD customer, was previously supplied with liquid O2 via tanker truck deliveries. Now, SIAD’s plant in Osio Sopra will transfer O2 straight to Fonderia di Torbole via the pipeline.

SIAD invested €1.5m ($1.7m) in the development which took one year to complete.

President Roberto Sestini highlighted, “This newly installed system…will reduce both customer prices and SIAD’s production and distribution costs.” SIAD added that the development was “a good example of investment in safety and low environmental impact.”

The company’s site in Osio Sopra, which is described as its ‘major’ plant, was established in 1960.

Da sx enrico frigerio, presidente e amministratore delegato di fonderia di torbole e roberto sestini, presidente siad[7]

Source: SIAD

Enrico Frigerio, President and CEO of Fonderia di Torbole, and SIAD President Roberto Sestini.