SIAD has opened a new gas production plant and distribution centre in Šimanovci, Serbia.

Developed through Istrabenz Plini Group, a SIAD company, the new facility will enhance the company’s presence throughout the country and better serve its customer’s needs.

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It is believed the new facility will be able to prepare a variety of gas mixture on site to meet different requirements of customers – a move that will make Istrabenz Plini even more competitive in the region.

Both modern and sustainable, the new plant is compliant with European quality standards.

On the development, Aldo Srabotič, General Manager of the Istrabenz Plini Group, said, “We have the know-how and experience, and with the new filling station in Serbia we have also acquired the necessary capacity to meet the needs of the Serbian national market.

“We see great potential and opportunities in the Serbian market, and I believe that with this investment we will be able to contribute to the development of the technical gas market in Serbia. This is an important step for the Istrabenz Plini Group.”

Srđan Bogojev, Director of Istrabenz plini Belgrade, added, “With the new technology gas filling plant in Šimanovci, we want to strengthen our position on the market as well as earn trust and good business relations with our partners through quality and reliability.”