Italy-based SIAD Group has made its new white paper on current and future compressor design available to all, via gasworld’s new White Papers platform.

Having designed and manufactured its first reciprocating compressors in 1927, SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) has been manufacturing oxygen compressors since the 1950s.

The production of frames that are still in use today began in 1979, with continuous updates throughout the decades.

And there are around 500 of these oxygen compressor references delivered and out in the field in every continent of the world today. This is perhaps in no small part due to not just the company’s reputation for engineering excellence, but also the vertical market approach that it benefits from as part of the wider SIAD Group.

Being part of such an industrial gas company is an important attribute for SIAD MI, enabling it to collectively enhance the analysis of oxygen compressor customers’ buying and usage behaviours.

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Source: SIAD MI

New white paper

The evolved and enhanced SIAD design is a continuous ongoing process.

Various dedicated features, components and processes are adopted, and constantly updated and improved – not just as part of SIAD MI’s many certifications and its compliance with standards, or as part of its vertical integration with the SIAD Group, but also informed by the group’s membership of the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA).

And SIAD has now released a white paper outlining what it sees as the future of compressor design and functionality.

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In it, SIAD explains that it is not just about a good design and product; robust production process management is also essential. A good design would not be enough, if not combined with proper supply chain and manufacturing management.

Once the design is defined, safe, and proven at the site with many years of operation, the journey is still only just beginning.

Likewise, the journey in accepted compressor design is only just beginning, with SIAD in is no doubt that digitisation and the sense of ‘connective compression’ will be a significant factor of the future of compression technologies.

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The white paper is now published and available as part of gasworld’s own new White Papers platform. It discusses all key talking points in current and future compressor design in-depth, including considerations of the two main components of the compression package (the bare compressor and the compressor skid).

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