SIAD recently ran a training course on medical gases specifically aimed at those taking the University Masters in underwater and hyperbaric medicine.

The Masters programme, the only one of its kind in Europe and organised by the IFC [Institute of Clinical Physiology of the Pisa National Research Centre (CNR)] and the Sant'Anna School in Pisa, is the sole academic point of reference for the training of doctors in Europe.

The training course comprised of two sessions; the first, theoretical in its nature, was held in the Research Department at the National Research Centre in Pisa and dealt with subjects relating to the chemico-physical characteristics of gases and their safe handling, with particular emphasis on medical gases and mixtures designed for underwater use.

The second session, more practical in nature, was held at the SIAD subsidiary in Avenza (Massa Carrara), where, following a guided tour of the main structural features of the plant, a series of practical demonstrations were given on the use of gases.

There was extremely positive feedback from those attending the course, who considered it to be well structured in terms of its content, but, perhaps even more importantly, extremely useful in the context of their professional training.

The Masters, which takes two years to complete, will end in November this year and, given the success of the first ever course, looks certain to be repeated over the next two years.