SIAD Macchine Impianti has acquired a major order to deliver a Smart Liquid Plant to a leading Indian company, with the deal originally raised at a gasworld conference.

It is understood that this contract is the result of the two corporations meeting at the gasworld conference held in Dubai in December. The Indian customer then had the opportunity to visit a similar SIAD installation in Abu Dhabi, and sealed the deal just a month later in January.

The order will see the Italian business supply an air separation unit (ASU) with a modular approach, representing the evolution of its production systems for liquid oxygen (O2) and liquid nitrogen (N2).

The system comprises of five main modules, which have been designed to be completely assembled, tested, installed and connected on site within 15 days, reducing the usual parameters of similar operations by 70%.

Although the identity of the Indian partner was not disclosed, it is known that the mystery company operates in the medical and industrial gas production and distribution sectors.

A press release stated that this collaboration “means having a first local support, all while maintaining the prestige of a Western brand,” and it will “save on import taxes and overseas transportation.”