Italian energy company SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) has supplied cryogenic gas storage specialist Gas and Heat with two Boil-Off Gas (BOG) compressors for Gas and Heat’s first coastal storage facility in the Mediterranean.

Located in Sardinia, the facility was designed to receive, and store liquefied natural gas (LNG). The depot began construction in 2015 and saw its first LNG unloading on 26th May 2021 when the bunker vessel Avenir Accolade transferred a cargo of over 7,000m3.

Commenting on the success of the project, Mauro Evangelisti, Chairman, Gas and Heat, said, “The project of the first so-called ‘Small Scale LNG’ depot started in 2015. Then, in 2017 we built four tanks and gas plants installed on board the bunker vessel Avenir Accolade.”

“In 2019, work began on the construction of the 9,000m3 coastal depot and today we have achieved delivery.”

The depot’s 9,000m3 storage capacity is realised by six horizontal low-pressure cryogenic tanks, making it a key site for bunkering in the Mediterranean Sea.

The BOG compressors delivered by SIAD MI serve to maintain the stability of pressure in the plant’s storage tank during operation, in addition to discharging the BIO generated during loading of the terminal.

“In the context of significant industrial expansion as in the LNG sector, the fruitful and synergistic collaboration between two Italian companies such as, in this case, SIAD MI and Gas and Heat, is a fundamental element for the national supply chain because it endorses the soul of production, 100% made in Italy,” said Paulo Ferrario, Managing Director, SIAD MI.