February will see SIAD attend the Gas 2009 exhibition in Rotterdam, Holland for the first time, after the company’s SIT Centre recently received accreditation for the calibration of equipment used in analytical measurement.

Following the accreditation, SIAD’s SIT Centre will undertake calibration of the client’s instrumentation itself, charging for the cost of the service and not just the cost of the gas mixture as had previously been the case.

Back in December 2001, the SIAD Spa Function Research Laboratory became a SIT (Calibration Service in Italy) accredited Centre for the calibration of gaseous mixtures which are traceable to national mass standards.

To enable it to respond fully to market demands, the Centre subsequently made the decision to extend its scope and in May 2004, SIT granted an extension to the Centre’s gravimetric accreditation confirming the Centre’s technical competence to conduct calibration in areas where metrological traceability to national and international gas standards is essential.

SIAD’s SIT Centre No. 143 also became (in February 2005) a SIT accredited Laboratory for the calibration of gas mixtures using the analytical method. This involved a new class of traceable gas mixtures which, like those prepared via the gravimetric method, are equivalent to those produced by Primary National or International Metrological Institutes.

Gas mixtures calibrated using the analytical method are also traceable to national mass standards and traceability of the measurement is obtained by adhering to appropriate technical requirements.

Metrological mixtures find particular application in the environmental sector and industrial fields, with the inherent ‘Quality’ of the measurements proving an indispensable factor and a number of potential new markets thought to be opening up.

Some European countries already use metrological mixtures habitually, as they are regulated by strict standards. In Italy however, their use is not yet obligatory within the environmental field but the market is undergoing rapid growth thanks, in part, to the work being undertaken to create increased awareness by the SIAD Centre, SIT and SINAL.