The SIAD Group has announced the launch of a new website, dedicated to its new water and drinks carbonation brand H2O Spring.

H2O Spring, is the new brand from SIAD to carbonate water and drinks in the home, identifying its supply service for food quality carbon dioxide.

To be found at, the new web site is already online and combines easy navigation with a modern graphics layout – including all the details concerning the new brand from SIAD.

It is divided into four sections, notably H2O Spring which includes all the characteristics of H2O Spring as well as safety information, and Applications, which provides details about the main applications of the system - that is the carbonation of water at home, the carbonation of water-beer and aquariums.

There is also a section named Supply modes, in which supply modes and services available are described, while the final section is named SIAD Group and provides an overview of the SIAD Group.