The highly versatile Smart-Trak 100 from Sierra Instruments can monitor gas flows from the very low 0.1 sccm (standard cubic centimetres per minute), through to the high level 1000 slpm (standard litres per minute).

The company say that the newest addition to the Smart Trak family offers, $quot;excellent accuracy and repeatability coupled with unsurpassed instrument stability from a patented, inherently linear design.$quot; Furthermore, the designers at Sierra believe the finished product follows in the company's award winning ethos for design and innovation with its, $quot;advanced platinum sensor technology$quot; and a strong, flexible and forgiving valve system.

Adding extra value for money every Smart Trak instrument comes with a multiple gas capability so that each unit can be used with up to ten gases. The unit will work with all clean gases including toxics, corrosives, combustibles and mixtures. In addition, the design removes the need for readout boxes, replacing them with instrument mounted or handheld monitors.