The Californian based, Sierra Instruments, has launched a new cryogenic version of its Innova-Mass® multivariable mass vortex flow metre.
The new device will cater for the liquefied gas measurement market by offering a more reliable measurement system. Historically, this application has been historically serviced by the turbine flow metre, however given that the multivariable mass vortex metre has no moving parts to wear out or be serviced, the benefit of the instrument is a more reliable, stable reading and an increased service life.
The new Innova-Mass® cryogenic version has undergone extensive testing and field validation over the last several years. Results of tests have indicated that the device is preferable to traditional turbine metres for measuring mass flow rates of cryogenic fluids down to -328˚F (-200˚C). Using a special cryogenic temperature RTD, mass calculations are done with the latest density equations of state for liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and CO₂.
The Innova-Mass® Model 240 and Model 241 measure five process variables (mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, pressure and density) through on process connection. Since everything is calibrated together, system accuracy is very high. Because mass flow is directly measured, the Reynolds number may be dynamically calaculated, while the flow profile effects in large pipes are calculated in real time. This allows Sierra’s unique insertion Model 241 to make reliable measurements in large pipes (up to 72 inches) where using an in-line metre would be cost prohibitive. The Innova-Mass® is loop-powered in a programmable analogue output and a HART or MODBUS signal riding on the same two wires.
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